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Question 1: In the beginning God created? (Gen 1:1)

a: Heavens and the earth
b: Light and darkness
c: Water
d: Land

Question 2: Who said "Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be?" (Job 8:7)

a: Job
b: Eliphaz
c: Zophar
d: Bildad

Question 3: 'In the beginning you laid the ........?' (Psa 102:25)

a: Foundations of the earth
b: Stars in the sky
c: Sand in the desert
d: Springs of water

Question 4: What is the beginning of wisdom? (Psa 111:10)

a: The fear of the LORD
b: Faith in the LORD
c: Prayer of faith
d: Repentance

Question 5: What is the beginning of knowledge? (Prov 1:7)

a: The fear of the LORD
b: Faith in the LORD
c: Discipline
d: Wisdom

Question 6: What is the beginning of wisdom? (Prov 9:10)

a: The fear of the LORD
b: Faith in the LORD
c: Love of the LORD
d: Knowledge of the Holy One

Question 7: Matthew chapter 24, verse 21 mentions: 'For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again.'

What is the title at the beginning of this chapter? (Matt 24:21)

a: The Day and Hour Unknown
b: Signs of the End of the Age
c: The Sheep and the Goats
d: Seven Woes

Question 8: 'The beginning of the gospel about .............. ?' (Mk 1:1)

a: Jesus Christ, the Son of God
b: The Good News
c: The Kingdom of God
d: Eternal Life

Question 9: The verse in John chapter 1 begins with:
'In the beginning was the Word' and refers to:? (Jn 1:1)

a: God
b: Jesus
c: The angel
d: John the Baptist

Question 10: Who, when he saw the wind, was afraid, began to sink, and cried out "LORD, save me!?" (Matt 14:30)

a: John
b: Simon
c: Thomas
d: Peter

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