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Question 1: He is to share equally in their benefits, even though he has received money from the sale of ........................... ? (Deut 18:8)

a: Bibles
b: Christian Music
c: Merchandise
d: Family possessions

Question 2: A benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself? (Prov 11:17)

a: Kind
b: Honest
c: Upright
d: Righteous

Question 3: "Can a man be of benefit to God? Can even a wise man benefit ....? (Job 22:2)

a: Him
b: Anyone
c: Someone
d: Himself

Question 4: Psalm 103 mentions? (Psa 103:2)

a: O my soul
b: Forget not all his benefits
c: Praise the LORD
d: All of the above

Question 5: What is the title at the beginning of Proverbs chapter 2? (Prov 2:1)

a: Wisdom's Benefits
b: Benefit of obtaining wisdom
c: Benefits and advantages of wisdom
d: Moral Benefits of Wisdom

Question 6: In Proverbs 3, the verse 'for they will prolong our life many years and bring us prosperity,' are the further benefits of? (Prov 3:1-2)

a: Wisdom
b: Life
c: Happiness
d: Peace

Question 7: Now that we have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit we reap leads to holiness, and the result is ............? (Rom 6:22)

a: Eternal life
b: Godliness
c: Salvation
d: Righteousness

Question 8: As goods increase, so do those who consume them.
And what benefit are they to the ............ except to feast his eyes on them? (Ecc 5:11)

a: Owner who is sick
b: Owner who dies
c: Miserable owner
d: Owner

Question 9: Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing and benefits those who? (Ecc 7:11)

a: Are still alive
b: Have it
c: See the sun
d: All of the above

Question 10: Isaiah 38 mentions? (Isa 38:17)

a: You have put all my sins behind your back
b: In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction
c: Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish
d: All of the above

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