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Question 1: All the days of Saul there was bitter war with whom? (1 Sam 14:52)

a: The Ammonites
b: The Amalekites
c: The Philistines
d: The Israelites

Question 2: Who said "Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The LORD will do what is good in his sight?" (2 Sam 10:11-12)

a: Joab
b: The Ammonites
c: The Arameans
d: The soldiers

Question 3: Whom whose heart is like the heart of a lion, will melt with fear?
(2 Sam 17:10)

a: The courageous captain
b: The bravest soldier
c: The bravest warrior
d: The brave child

Question 4: 'All these were descendants of Asher -- heads of families, ............. .
The number of men ready for battle, as listed in their genealogy, was 26,000?' (1 Chron 7:40)

a: Choice men
b: Brave warriors
c: Outstanding leaders
d: All of the above

Question 5: Complete the following verse:
'These were the heads of their families: Epher, Ishi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaviah and Jahdiel. They were ...................?' (1 Chron 5:24)

a: Brave warriors
b: Famous men
c: Heads of their families
d: All of the above

Question 6: In the Book of Chronicles, who was a brave young warrior? (1 Chron 12:28)

a: Moses
b: Noah
c: Manasseh
d: Zadok

Question 7: Who were brave warriors? (1 Chron 12:30)

a: Men of Ephraim
b: Men of Dan
c: The Gadites
d: The Ammonites

Question 8: Who had an army of three hundred thousand men from Judah, equipped with large shields and with spears, and two hundred and eighty thousand from Benjamin, armed with small shields and with bows. All these were brave fighting men? (2 Chron 14:8)

a: Abijah
b: Jeroboam
c: Zerah
d: Asa

Question 9: 'Look, their brave men cry aloud in the streets; the envoys of peace....?' (Isa 33:7)

a: Are at war
b: Weep bitterly
c: Have died
d: Groan in pain

Question 10: Who ordered his men, "Listen! When Amnon is in high spirits from drinking wine and I say to you, 'Strike Amnon down,' then kill him. Don't be afraid. Have not I given you this order? Be strong and
brave?" ' (2 Sam 13:28)

a: Absalom
b: Azriel
c: Saul
d: Amnon

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