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Question 1: " 'If you bring a ........ offering baked in an oven, it is to consist of fine flour: cakes made without yeast and mixed with oil, or wafers made without yeast and spread with oil? (Lev 2:4)

a: Grain
b: Burnt
c: Festival
d: Fellowship

Question 2: In Joshua 17, whose share consisted of ten tracts of land besides Gilead and Bashan east of the Jordan,? (Josh 17:5)

a: Joshua's
b: Joseph's
c: Ephraim's
d: Manasseh's

Question 3: Title at the beginning of the following verse:?

....... heads of families, commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, and their officers, who served the king in all that concerned the army divisions ..... (1 Chron 27:1)

a: Army Divisions
b: Commanders and Officers
c: Commanders, Officers and Army Divisions
d: Those who served the king

Question 4: The shekel is to consist of how many gerahs. Twenty shekels plus twenty-five shekels plus fifteen shekels equal one mina? (Ezek 45:12)

a: Ten
b: Twenty
c: Thirty Five
d: Forty

Question 5: The prescribed portion of ..... , measured by the bath, is a tenth of a bath from each cor (which consists of ten baths or one homer, for ten baths are equivalent to a homer)? (Ezek 45:14)

a: Water
b: Rosewater
c: Oil
d: Flour

Question 6: You are also to provide with it morning by morning a grain offering, consisting of a sixth of an ephah with a third of a hin of oil to moisten the flour. The presenting of this grain offering to the LORD .......... ? (Ezek 46:14)

a: And pleases the LORD
b: And is for the LORD
c: Is a lasting ordinance
d: None of the above

Question 7: What is the following Parable?

Then he said to them, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions?" (Lk 12:15)

a: Hidden Treasure and the Pearl
b: Workers in the Vineyard
c: Talents
d: Rich Fool

Question 8: (for the fruit of the light consists in all ........... )? (Eph 5:9)

a: Goodness
b: Righteousness
c: Truth
d: All of the above

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